Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Umstead 100 - 2010

April 2009 - Umstead, the place where I ran my first Ultra. The 50 miles that started this mid-life crisis of mine!

Fast forward 12 months - this time I will be doing the full 8 laps, and going for 100 miles, and my finisher's buckle. March 27th 2010 - I can't wait.

It will be my second or third 100 mile finish (depending on whether I sign up for Iron Horse or not), I have come quite a long way these last few months. Umstead, Boogie, Laramie, Medoc Meltdown, Grand Tetons so far, and between now and Umstead 2010, Lake Hinson 24 hr, Boulder 100, Derby 50K, Weymouth Woods 100K, Iron Horse 100 (maybe)

Apparently, it sold out in 4 minutes this year - I wonder if it will go to a lottery system soon. Quite amazing how popular this "Run in the Park" is.

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