Monday, January 11, 2010

A few more confirmed entries to add to the list.....

Ellerbe Springs Marathon. Two weeks before Umstead, the goal will have to be, 'finish alive', and 'don't get injured'. Another Mangum race - so far, I have enjoyed every one of their races, and I am certain that this will be no exception.

In May, I have signed up for the Buncombe Trail 34M in South Carolina.

July - a trip to California is called for. I have entered the Tahoe Rim Trail 50. Last year, after a business trip to California was extended through the race weekend, I helped out at the finish line when the 100 milers were coming through. The scenery is absolutely spectacular, and I really enjoyed my time there, so this one was on my "must do" list. Looking forward to it.


  1. The Buncombe Trail 34m fits well and sounds interesting . . . but the links provide no real info. Do you know what the course is like, where is it? etc.?

  2. Here ya go Frank - it is near Spartanburg SC:

    More information on this page.