Friday, January 22, 2010

Pigtail's 50K run

Work took me this week to the Pacific Northwest. So with nothing to do for the weekend, it seemed only logical to look for another Ultra to run...... I found the Pigtail's 50K run - perfectly located in Renton WA. The run has a $5 entry fee, and a donation to a local food bank is requested. (When I was in Walmart, I couldn't remember if the donation was for a food bank or the local animal shelter - so I got some dog food too

I am not so sure about running a 50k so soon after last week's 100k - I guess we will find out how well and how quickly I recover. I certainly have no thoughts of "racing" it, I am just planning on plodding around, and it will take as long as it takes, in addition, being as it is a looped course (3 x 9.6 miles, plus a 1.1 mile out and back), there will be opportunities to drop out if I am risking injury.

So, here's to having some fun :)

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