Wednesday, February 25, 2009

50 mile update

Sunday 8.5 miles (Jordan Lake)
Monday 3.65 miles (treadmill @ Planet Fitness).
Wednesday 3.75 miles (treadmill @ Planet Fitness).
Wednesday Evening 6.25 miles (Jordan Lake)

Total for week so far: 22.15 miles.

Interesting run tonight - I got my new trail shoes. Very comfortable on the trail, I'll need another run or two on asphalt to get used to the feel. I got Merrell Overdrive II shoes. More about them in a few days.

I also managed to put my left foot into a pothole in the dark, and twisted my ankle. Hopefully ice and ibuprofen is all that is needed. I hit the pothole 2 miles into the run, and managed to run the remaining 4.25, so I'm sure I have done nothing serious.

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