Saturday, February 28, 2009

Woo Hoo! A 50 mile week

Sunday 8.5 miles (Jordan Lake)
Monday 3.65 miles (treadmill @ Planet Fitness).
Wednesday 3.75 miles (treadmill @ Planet Fitness).
Wednesday Evening 6.25 miles (Jordan Lake)
Thursday 3.3 miles (treadmill @ Planet Fitness - all 'uphill')
Thursday Evening 5.45 miles (at the aiport)
Friday 5.12 miles (treadmill @ planet fitness - hill intervals)
Saturday 15.0 miles (Jordan Lake in the rain)

Total for week so far: 51.02 miles

So, there you have it. I managed 50 miles in a week. I am sure I have not run further in a 7 day period, and you know what? I feel fine. Even during today's 15 miler, in the cold rain, I felt as though I could have run further.

I also won the "Idiot of the week award". I left my lights on. Apparently the park rangers were worried, and asked some hikers to keep their eye out for me. I bumped into the hikers who game me a number to call - turns out it was the Chatham County 911 service. Anyway, they were great, and they sent the park rangers back with some jump leads.

So tomorrow, is my introduction to group running. I will be meeting up with a group of runners from RTR at Jordan lake. Looking at the count, there are 22 people coming. Wow - I don't think in the 4 years I have been running there, that I have seen 22 people in total out on the trails. It is going to be cold and wet, so perhaps the numbers will go down slightly. I'm looking forward to it.

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