Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another perfect day by Jordan Lake

So, my phone does not have the best camera in the world, but I kinda like this shot I took about 9 miles into my run today. This is the view about 1.5 miles down the Road to Nowhere. Pretty spectacular isn't it?

So, today 12 miles at a steady 11 min/mile. Boat ramp -> A-Camp -> Loop Trail -> B-Camp -> Road to Nowhere -> Back to boat ramp. Nothing really dramatic to report, except that it was yet another fantastic day for running. Probably 70F or a shade higher. It did bring a lot of people out, I saw at least 8 people, no dogs (suprising) and one horse.

So that makes 26.5 miles for the weekend - a record I think. Previous best being 26.2, except that was done on a single day.

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