Saturday, February 21, 2009

A long long run

So last Sunday, I did my longest ever training run, 23.35 miles. The run went well, with no pains, and I didn't hit a 'wall'. I did the run at Umstead, and basically did the first two laps of the run I will be doing in April. First lap was at 11 min/mile, second lap at 12 min/mile. Although the run went well, I didn't have that much energy left at the end of it, so I may adjust the pace a little on my next long long run.

The following day, no aches or pains at all to speak of.

I spent the rest of the week on the road in Southern California, and as usual when I am travelling, I didn't do nearly enough running.

Today, I went on a 5 mile run around Jordan lake, I forgot my Garmin! It is amazing how much I have got used to running, and knowing exactly what distance I have been, and the pace I am running at, so I kinda felt naked. I'll remember it tomorrow. Probably.

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