Saturday, February 7, 2009

Perfect day for running

The weather was perfect - mid 60's, sunny, a light breeze. There were no niggly little injuries. So the pups and I headed to the lake - it was a great day for running.
We started off in the parking lot by the boat ramp, up toward the campsites, left towards 'B' campsite, left down the 'road to nowhere' all the way to Pea Ridge - U-turn back up the road to nowhere. Once we got to the flood plain, we headed towards Jordan Dam, over the dam, and around the loop that goes by the park HQ.
One thing I did notice, there appears to be a new trail area by the park HQ - at least I haven't seen this particular trailhead before. The sign said "Poe Ridge Trail" I think, and the map on the sign said it is a 4.25 mi loop trail. Definitely needs further 'exploration'.
Anyway, then headed back over the dam, once across, we turned left down toward the lake, and then carried on around the flood plain back to the road to nowhere. That little detour probably added about 3 miles. Plenty of opportunity to test out the Drymax socks, as the flood plain was littered with ankle deep ruts filled with water. The socks worked - my feet felt dry within a few minutes.
Once we were done with the road to nowhere, we went up the hill to Camp B and back. The Garmin said 10 miles exactly when we headed into the loop trail. Round the loop, then down to Camp A. When we finished in Camp A, it was back to the parking lot. With a couple of zig-zags in the lot, total mileage for the day was 14.5. The beauty of it was that I paced myself slow enough that I could have done more if it hadn't been close to park closing time. I felt incredibly good, and the pups have a nice healthy tired look.
I have to add that the pizza washed down with a Carolina Pale Ale later was just as satifying as the 14.5 miles.

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