Monday, February 23, 2009

Shooting for 50/Long run home

I am going to aim for 50 miles this week. So far, I have:

Sunday 8.5 miles (Jordan Lake)
Monday 3.65 miles (treadmill @ Planet Fitness).

Total for week so far: 12.15 miles.

I decided to go public with my goal and progress, so I can't shy away from it.

Now then, there has been some interest from colleagues in my "Long Run Home" idea. I have had offers to provide food and drink, take my work clothes home etc. So, I am going to go for it. Friday, March 13th - I'll leave work at about noon to 1pm. There are convenience stores/gas stations no more than 5 miles apart, so I should be good for water and food - plus the help of work colleagues, I reckon I have a plan.

In the meantime, I took Sarah and Wilbur to work a couple of Sundays ago while I did some copying and scanning. They had a blast - look at Sarah's big smile :)

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